What to be consider before branding in SharePoint ?

For any website , branding is very important because

A word is a word, and a picture is worth a thousand…but a brand is
worth a million


So before doing branding in SharePoint find out the answer of following questions and then start customization.

  1. One of the first decisions to make is which version of SharePoint will be used for the project?
  2. Is there an existing website or SharePoint site that the new SharePoint site will replace?
  3. What screen resolution will be targeted for your SharePoint branding
  4. What browsers and operating systems will be supported by your SharePoint site
  5. Will master pages or SharePoint themes be used to create the branding? Will both be required?
  6. Will this be a new design or will it be based on some existing branding?
  7. Is there an existing corporate style guide that needs to be followed?
  8. Are there any stylistic requirements, such as preferred or disliked colors, fonts, or imagery?
  9. Who will the audience be?
  10. What sort of navigation is required? Horizontal navigation? Vertical navigation? Both? 
  11. Will any third-party Web Parts or controls be needed?
  12. How will the branding be deployed to the production SharePoint server?
  13. What is the time frame to deliver the new branding?

After getting answer of these question  start  SharePoint designer and start branding.


How UGLY the menu of sharePoint 2013 lets change it

I dont like the menu of SharePoint 2013 its toooo UGLY…

Lets change it.

My changed menu ….so Sexy


1) Open as usual SharePoint designer .

2)Check that which master page application is  using

In master page paste following CSS.

and add for parent menu

.ms-core-listMenu-horizontalBox li.static > .ms-core-listMenu-item
border:1px solid transparent;
border:1px solid rgb(207, 120, 0);
background:rgb(207, 120, 0);
padding:0 10px;

For child menu 


border-bottom:1px solid white;

background:rgb(207, 120, 0);
padding:0 10px;


TO change font color

.ms-core-header .ms-core-listMenu-item,
.ms-core-header .ms-core-listMenu-item:link,
.ms-core-header .ms-core-listMenu-item:visited,
.ms-core-header .ms-tv-item:link,
.ms-core-header .ms-tv-item:visited,
.ms-core-header .ms-tv-header:link,
.ms-core-header .ms-tv-header:visited

And we are done with sexy menu….