SharePoint’s Site Hierarchy Model



Install SharePoint 2010 on Windows 8

Finally done with installation of SharePoint 2010 on windows 8.

The same installation as windows 7….

Only difference is that before installation open inetmgr from run

Go to “Application Pool”—->Click on “Set Application Pool Default “—>Set  “.NET Framework Version” to V2.0



Next follow following link

Only the difference is that no need to install Windows Identity Foundation (Windows6.1-KB974405-x64.msu) on Windows 8.

We need to enable windows Identity Foundation on windows 8 .

For this follow this link :


Throttling …..

SharePoint twenty ten added new features .Its useful when server is too busy.Every 5 second server check resource throttling.We can enable or disable resource throttling using central administrator.

Then why waste time lets drive…….

  1. Go to central administration
  2. Manage web application
  3. Select application
  4. Select general settings here we go click on resource throttling

Using PowerShell we can set resource throttling

For example, here’s how I would change the throttling limit for CPU utilization to 80%:

Set-SPWebApplicationHttpThrottlingMonitor -Identity http://o14 -Category “Processor” -Counter “%

Processor Time” -Instance “_Total” -MaxThreshold 80 -MinThreshold 0


Where is Left Navigation Menu?

OOPS what an error …When  access SharePoint site left navigation  menu disappear .showing “Error” message instead of document library and lists.

Lets solve …..

Follow me

  1. Go to central administrator
  2. Application management
  3. Manage web application
  4. Unchecked user profile service

Lets F5 site .Magic—- menu appear……