Trust Me?

When i  am creating form in InfoPath   and fetching data in dropdown box from sharepoint site ,data is not display in dropdown.Whyyyyyyyyyyyy …………..

 Lets deal with IT …
1) Open InfoPath 
2) Choose template Blank Form
3) Create Dropdown Box .
4) Right click on Dropdown control and go in “DROP DOWN LIST BOX PROPERTIES” 
5) Bind this Dropdown to external data source and connect to SharePoint list .
6)After finishing this preview your form(Kaise Press F5) .(I am not going to tell  where is F5).And check dropdown,there is  no data .Then where is it?Dont worry aa jaenga Because babey not trust on you

Now problem lies here

1) Click on File Option on InfoPath form ->Look Form Options  
2) In  form option look “Security and Trust”  .Uncheck  “Automatically determine security level”
 now select “Full Trust” radio button ->click ok
Now Baby full trust on you.Do Whatever you want with  “your ” baby(Note:Dont take wrong meaning………..)
Preview form Dropdown display data.

What Is InfoPath n whats new in InfoPath 2010?

…. What is InfoPath ?

        Simple hai bhai Infopath is tool used for create electronic form. Infopath forms based on XML data.
I don’t no why Microsoft create this tool if we are .net ,html to create forms?
   Ok then in SharePoint InfoPath used for interact with List,Library,Web service,XML,Database ,WorkFlow etc etc.

 Whats new in InfoPath?

User is able to create direct SharePoint list ,form library using out of Box UI functionality provided by InfoPath 2010.
New Features in IP2010
 1) Layout Templates :-There are more templates to create mast layout for business forms.

2) New Controls :-
         2.1) Image Button :Why Use Gray Button. InfoPath introduce image button.
         2.2) Person and Group Picker :Good news for SharePoint developers…
        2.3) Date and time picker :To pickup present,past, future date ….
       2.4) Signatures: Digitally sign form
Friends If you found anything new in controls let me know………..

3) Rules :I love this tooo much for Create my own rules on forms.Using this rules user able to create validation,formating and actions.

Sample Example :-Automatically textbox become red when user left it black .After entering days after ,InfoPath rules calculate next date…and many moreeeeeeeeeee………. e dil mange more

 4) Integrate with WorkFlows :InfoPath forms used for document management process.I have used for CAPEX management approval process in my project.

5) Access external data :- Access data from web service ,List,SQL server ,XML etc etc .

6)Prview :-Important ha ,to see how looks sexy forms.
Hushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh there are more to learn …Refer following links to “Grasp” more….
But How SharePoint handle InfoPath forms ………Coming Soon