Some tips about document Set

What is Document Set ?

Its simple concept ,allowing the user to create a set of documents that can be treated as one, allowing metadata or workflows to be assigned against the set and thus consistently across each part within the document set.They allow grouping of related content into single entity.

in simple way

A document set is a special Content Type that holds multiple
documents in a unique container.

Can we create folder inside document set?

No We cant.

Difference between Document set and folder in SharePoint 2010?

Properly explain in this blog. 

Differrence between “Document Center” and “Document Workspace”?

Document workspace

A document workspace is intended to be a site created for the purpose of collaborating around a single document or set of documents related to a specific topic.  For example if your company was creating a proposal, you might create a document workspace for the tracking of documents, tasks and activities related to the preparation of that one document.

Document Center

The document center is a template that could be used for a central respository of many documents for an organization.  For example, a central documentation location for templates, policies, forms and corporate documents.[Stolen From Microsoft Site—Dont Mind]

IMP-The key thing to keep in mind is that no matter what template you select to create your site with, features such as versioning, workflow, tasks, permissions and folders will all be available to you.[Microsoft Says]


Important links to learn document management


Add Barcode to document library

SharePoint 2010 have a bar-code feature to track document when document printed or part of manual processing workflow.

Lets enable Barcode ….

  1. Site Action —>Site Settings —>Site Collection policies under Site Collection Administrator

  1. Then create new policy
  2. Fill All information  (Name,Administrative description,Policy Statement,Enable barcode)

3 .Go to the Document Library —>Library Settings —>Information Management Policy Settings —>Click on Content Type—>Use Site Collection Policy—>Click Ok

Here we go ….

You will see bar code

Next Just download document and press CTR+p i mean to say print

You will see message “The policy of this document requires it to have barcode.Would you like to insert barcode now ?This will cancel your print ”

After that click on Yes

Barcode will inserted in document .

Now able to Print the document.Boommm