Proactive , Responsibility ,Accept Mistakes

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Now we are relax as compare to previous Month because we deliver a project .Company  HR told us share experience about this project n i thought why not this was a good experience so lets share….

Last month we spend more than 15 hours in office (In  project production every IT member doing this…) .Sometimes we wait because of our mistake ,some time because of client meetings ,sometimes complete the given task etc etc.

I will drive  my experience in following ways…..

1.Be proactive 

Sometimes don’t wait for someone to give GREEN signal ,take a initiative and do the right thing before someone ask you.

I was working on one module and we are deploying my program on client machine but this program not working because of privilege issues. My boss blaming on me why this is not working?After analyzing my code i found that there is no error in my code that is privilege issue ,through my program not able to connect client site. So i decided that call the person (Client) ans ask him to login in to the system using different username/password n i did it . We deploy the program and it run successfully !!!

So puchne mai kya jata hain …..finally client happy ,Boss happy and I also.


2.Take Responsibility 

Never say no .I don’t know more about MVC in ASP.NET .My boss assign module in MVC  ,i told them i am ready but i need time to learn .After taking some time i did good job in MVC and developed plugin in eCommerce.

My view is that never say NO to any work ,if you don’t know take extra time .If  you did some mistakes its acceptable because you are learning new  technology so boss will accept it .

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3.Accept the mistakes

No one is perfect in this word ..ya thats true .We are human being so mistakes happens accidentally…we did  mistake in my project that we converting document image depends on XML tag actually we need to convert image depends on conversion rules .We realize  this at the 11 th hour .This was a small mistake but affectable  on project  release. Boss was angry on us and that’s natural every boss will do that at the end of the project if we are doing things wrong way !!!

We discuss with boss and find out the way to doing things in correct way and we did it in within 3 hours.


In any project implementation communication is the KEY . Before doing the coding on any module if we discuss ,analyse the requirements in details with Team leader , Member ,Boss then its easy to develop the module without more errors .If  we didn’t get the any requirement then ask 2-3 time before develop the modules .


Finally after Mistakes,team work we launch the project and breathing the air of success.




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