To much customization in SharePoint injurious to health

SharePoint 2010 provider different ways to fit the client requirement.First analyse the requirements and create excel sheet depends on requirements(T-Shirt type requirement analysis).T-Shirt type requirement analysis means fit the requirements in Out of box and Customization(Small,Medium,Large) section.

Leta take example If client want WYSIWYG editor similar to Microsoft word.For this requirement don’t need to do coding to put java script WYSIWYG .Its out of box functionality provided by SharePoint 2010.

Suppose client want fetch data from  SAP or other system .There are 2 ways to solve this requirement.

1 .Using Business database connectivity service

2.Do custom coding.

Always prefer first option.Try to avoid unnecessary customization.

I mean to say try to fit requirements in Out Of Box Functionality.

Before start the coding analyse requirements .

  T-Shirt type requirement analysis

Like as this way analyse all requirements .T-shirt type requirement analysis helpful for calculate efforts require for development.


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