Add Barcode to document library

SharePoint 2010 have a bar-code feature to track document when document printed or part of manual processing workflow.

Lets enable Barcode ….

  1. Site Action —>Site Settings —>Site Collection policies under Site Collection Administrator

  1. Then create new policy
  2. Fill All information  (Name,Administrative description,Policy Statement,Enable barcode)

3 .Go to the Document Library —>Library Settings —>Information Management Policy Settings —>Click on Content Type—>Use Site Collection Policy—>Click Ok

Here we go ….

You will see bar code

Next Just download document and press CTR+p i mean to say print

You will see message “The policy of this document requires it to have barcode.Would you like to insert barcode now ?This will cancel your print ”

After that click on Yes

Barcode will inserted in document .

Now able to Print the document.Boommm


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